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Hype! is a digitally-minded integrated creative agency. We take on branding, marketing and communications tasks using the most effective mix of channels - you can read a more complete description here.

Believe it or not, we’re not the only people who do this. So why us?
There's usually a whole set of clichés that go here: we're very creative blah blah, we take time to understand your needs blah blah, we’re passionate about every project we work on blah blah, we do work that’s both impactful and effective blah blah.
Here's the problem - we actually do subscribe to, and deliver on, all these clichéd assertions. But the only way you’ll really know is if you work with us - at a certain point you’ll have to take a leap of faith. You can of course get a sense of what we do for other people by looking at this website. But it's not the same as meeting us... so you might want to do that too.
Nice to meet you virtually. Maybe we’ll do it soon in person...

    Caroline Marcus is a talented, and much in demand, educator, curator and content developer in the arts sector.

    She asked us to design a corporate identity, and design and build a website which explained her different roles, and to do so in a way that was sympathetic to the creative nature of her work.

    We created a website and corporate identity which are, we believe, a stylish calling card for Caroline.

    The site is clear, colourful, and easy to navigate. Visitors can easily find their way to particular areas of her work that are relevant to them, while those with less specific requirements can browse and get a good sense of Caroline’s range.We also wanted the identity and website to remain appropriate as Caroline scales her company to include additional associates.