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  • UJIA – Make your mark on the Jewish story

    UJIA is a charity that works to engage young Jewish people in the UK with Jewish life, with Israel as its focus, as well as providing support for educational projects in Israel.

    We have worked with UJIA over the past year in completely overhauling their communications, and integrating them with fundraising objectives.

    Our contention was that a clearly defined, inspiring mission, combined with engaging story-based communications would increase the amount of money raised.

    We came up with the strapline, and over-arching idea: Make Your Mark On The Jewish Story. This encouraged the reader/viewer/potential donor to imagine the impact of UJIA’s work, and the role they could play in furthering it.

    We also put stories at the heart of our communications, so that the impact could be seen in human terms.

    UJIA has benefited from a significant rise in income this year, including an additional £500,000 at its Annual Dinner.